Saturday, February 18, 2012


It seems whenever I have a rough time drawing doing something of Johnny gets me back in my groove. I've been wanting to draw this image again (drew it in graphite when I was around 14) for a long while. I'll be coloring it. :)
Johnny Depp as Roux from Chocolat.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Breath

We're going with digital on this one.
Winter horse. Pencil sketch, texture and color added in PS CS3.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Arrogance and Agony

"Arrogance and Agony"
Ja'ek and Roary, from the series I'm writing.

Digital painting over a pencil sketch. I lost track of the hours. I'm not 100% pleased with some aspects of this, however there is a great deal that I love about it. It was a learning experience.

Le Portraits of Recent

It's time to begin updating this place a bit more seriously. Despite struggling a bit lately to get anything done (I can't seem to focus. Day by day I'm slowly feeling the urge to draw again. Soon! I'll get more than sketches done.) but I have a massive backlog of art that should be on this blog. So, for the next few days, this place should grow immensely.

Here are the two most recent portraits I've done.

"Most. . . Sinister. . . "
Sherlock Holmes Charcoal Sweep (I love charcoal sweeps. So very much.)

"Jake and Eryn"
Christmas gift for my sister in law, the one in the picture.