Commission F.A.Q.


If you have a question please read the F.A.Q. carefully before asking! If I don't answer your question in the F.A.Q. email me at artbyannastansfield @ gmail dot com


What sort of things do you draw/paint for commissions?
I will do character sketches, character portraits (this includes animal characters!), character design, book cover paintings of people or still life, still life paintings, landscape paintings. I'll also do portraits of you, your mom, your kids, your friend. And portraits and drawings of your dog, your cat, your horse, your snake. I have a very broad list of things I'll accept for commission.

What won't you take for commissions?
I won't paint or draw your house, or any sort of buildings as a main focus drawing.  If you want a building painted or drawn please seek out a different artist. It's not my forte!
I won't take commissions for any explicit material either; extreme violence or sexual content.

How much does a commission cost?
For a basic rundown of prices you can see my commission example list, here.
Keep in mind, not everything I do is on there as of yet. So, if there is something you'd like to commission me for, please email me and I can quote you price!

How Do I Pay You?
I either take PayPal or a check. I will send you an invoice if you choose to pay with PayPal.
If you choose to pay with a check I will email you my address.

Do You Take Payments?
I am willing to do this, yes, for larger commissions. If you need to pay in payments let me know and we’ll work it out. I will not deliver the finished product to you until the full payment is received.
Every PayPal charge will have a transaction fee added on to it. See below about PayPal fees.

Why was I charged extra on the PayPal transaction?
PayPal charges me processing fee. I mention on the commission example page that this fee, if you pay through PayPal, this fee will be included in your price. I will inform you the exact fee amount before I charge you and after we solidify the price of your commission. PayPal fees increase with the increase in price. I use an online calculator to get the exact number.

Do You Give Discounts? Like To Family and Friends?
As a general rule, no. This is how I make my living. I would ask that my family and friends respect that. 

Do I get the actual hard copy of the artwork you draw for me?
Of course! If do a piece for you on traditional paper or canvas you have the option of having it shipped to you! The only time I wouldn't is if you specify that you only need or want the digital copy.

Do I get a hard copy of a digital painting?
I will send you a full sized copy of your commission, in CMYK color (these are the colors in printers), and a full sized copy in RBG color (computer color). You can then print the CMYK version if you like! I won't print it for you and mail you prints. This is the cheaper option for the both of us.

Can I Sell Prints of My Commission?
No. You do not have permission to sell my artwork unless we specifically agree to some arrangement ahead of time. (This would be a hefty process and expensive.) The artwork is yours for noncommercial use only. I retain all other rights to it, as it is my work.
You can print it for personal use and hang it on your wall! You can make buttons and banners for websites etc!

What Medium's Do You Use to Create Your Artwork?
I use many mediums, so there are a lot of options! Primarily I draw with pencil, and paint using a pen tablet and Adobe Photoshop. I also color with markers, and colored pencils, watercolors and sometimes acrylic or oils.

Can I Pick the Medium You Do My Commission In?
Of course. At this time though I am not taking commissions for oil paintings, watercolor paintings, or acrylic paintings. If you want it in color I will either paint in Photoshop or use marker or colored pencil if you prefer a totally traditional piece of art.

How Long Does it Take You To Finish A Commission?
This depends on a large number of factors. Is it a sketch or a full blown painting? How big is it? If it's a small sketch then obviously it will take less time than a large painting. I can finish a sketch in a couple of days while a painting may take me up to a month or more to complete. If you have a deadline you'd like your piece by please let me know!

Why Do I Have to Pay the Money Upfront?
This ensures that I don't waste my time, in case a client backs out of a commission at some point and I've already gotten started on their piece. I will not begin work on your commission until I have payment.
It’s the same concept as paying a doctor or a dentist for services. You pay them upfront and then they perform their skills for you.

What Happens If I Decide I Don’t Want a Commission Anymore But You’ve Already Started? Do I Get My Money Back?
That is up to my discretion. It will depend entirely on how much work on said commission I have done for you. For example, if I’ve just started you may get more back than if I was halfway through. If I’m almost done I won’t be giving you your money back. I’ll finish the piece and you’ll get what you originally paid for.
No one likes to waste their time and/or skills.

How Does the Commission Process Work?
It's fairly simple. You email me and tell me what you'd like me to do for you (eg: Character sketch / pet portrait, with the appropriate descriptions and references.) If I agree to take you on as a client then we'll discuss in more detail what you'd like. I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal or you’ll send me a check in the mail, and once I’ve received payment I'll get to work!
Depending on the size and detail of the commission I'll work in phases and send you a smaller version of the piece so you can approve it or ask for small changes. (I do not do this for simple sketch commissions as I usually finish those up in 1 to 2 sittings.)
If you want large changes done from what we originally discussed, keep in mind, that will cost more as it will take me more time.
When you're satisfied with each phase, I'll move on and so on, until the work is finished!
Once the art is finished I will mail you the hard copy if the work was traditional (there will be a shipping and handling fee), and I will email you two full sized JPEG copies of the image, one RBG color and one CMYK color. The CMYK is so you can create a print of your commission.

What Happens When Commissions Are Closed?
This means all of my commission slots are full, or that I am not taking commissions at that time, for whatever reason. For example I usually don't accept new commissions in December through the Holidays, and sometimes my health does not permit me to take on commissions.
If you would like to commission me and the status says commissions are closed, email me anyways! I will add you to a waiting list, and you are more than welcome to ask what number you are on that list.

What Happens If I’ve Been Put On A Waiting List and You Open Commissions?
I will email your or message you that I have opened commissions. If you are still interested at this time we’ll proceed!  

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