Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Avalette Portrait

Queen Avalette Ekdrayas
Character Portrait
Avalette is one of the four main characters of a series of novels I'm writing.
You can learn more about Solar Kingdoms by visiting this blog.

SK Character Work

A few new Solar Kingdoms works. Solar Kingdoms is a series of novels I'm currently writing. To learn more about that check out this blog here.

Selnam, Character, Before and After something terrible happened to him. (Spoilers duh.)

Selnam, Character

Jeena, Character. Engineer Apprentice and Mechanic on the flyer called The New Moon.

Ja'ek, Character (one of the four main characters) sketch.

Ja'ek and Nessa. (She is dead. Spoilers oops) 

Ja'ek T-shirt Design. You can get one of those here!
(The t-shirt design is MUCH BRIGHTER so it shows up on the dark fabric.)

Orson and Whiskey

Characters from a story belonging to a friend and I. One day I hope to do a graphic novel or a comic of these two. ONE DAY.

Orson is an English gardener that lives in Scotland. After a storm he finds Whiskey in a puddle, suffocating. He saves her life and later they find a way for her to get legs, but still be able to switch to her mermaid form when she's in water.

These first two are an experimental style. I doodled this pretty fast and actually really love the result. If I do a comic or graphic novel it may end up in a similar style.
And then of course I had to put some color on it for fun.

I was given copic markers as an early Christmas gift from the person Whiskey's character belongs to. (I may have cried of joy.)
 I used those for this! And gave this to her as an early Christmas gift.

More Sketches!

A pile of various sketches I've done for fun.

Link from Legend of Zelda, with Chris Evans face. Because why not?


Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Ninth Doctor, Doctor Who

Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, Doctor Who

Tom Hiddleston 

Sketch Commissions

I've been doing a massive load of these the last six months. Some of them are cleaned up sketches, others the slightly messier version. 

Lady Ultron was supposed to be a sketch commission. I asked if I could color her and make a t-shirt out of her. I was given permission! You can get one of those here
Clean Sketch Commissions: 

Sketchier Commissions:

Commissions and Gifts

Thought it was about time I put some new stuff up. The following are commissions and gifts I've done for various people! Most are pretty new. The very last one I did last year. Don't know why I never posted it!

Emmeline, Commission

Donari in Divinities Reach, Guild Wars 2 Character, Commission 

Rosalyn, Malloria and Garret, Characters, Commission 

Vladimir Sherwood, Character, Gift. 

Emily and Jack, Characters, Gift.