Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Orson and Whiskey

Characters from a story belonging to a friend and I. One day I hope to do a graphic novel or a comic of these two. ONE DAY.

Orson is an English gardener that lives in Scotland. After a storm he finds Whiskey in a puddle, suffocating. He saves her life and later they find a way for her to get legs, but still be able to switch to her mermaid form when she's in water.

These first two are an experimental style. I doodled this pretty fast and actually really love the result. If I do a comic or graphic novel it may end up in a similar style.
And then of course I had to put some color on it for fun.

I was given copic markers as an early Christmas gift from the person Whiskey's character belongs to. (I may have cried of joy.)
 I used those for this! And gave this to her as an early Christmas gift.

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