Commission List

A list of my current commission's by slot number, and their completion status.

*Commission Status: SEMI-CLOSED (I have a lot right now on an ongoing project. Please email me if you're interested and I can let you know if I can do for you what you'd like. Thanks!)

1. Skeleton Warrior  Card - Complete

2.  Christopher Robin - dog pet portrait - Complete

3. Dragon Card - MF GAMES - Complete

4. Knight with Axe Card - MF GAMES - Complete

5. Vampire Card - MF GAMES - Complete

6. Centaur Card - MF GAMES - 0%

7. Knight Bust Game Box Cover - MF GAMES - 80%

8. Conan-esque Cover w/ Dragon - Pending

9. Sam - dog pet portrait - Pending

10. Cover Art 1 - Pending 

11. Cover Art 2 - Pending

*If commissions are closed: If you'd like to commission me I will add you to my waiting list! You are more than welcome to inquire as to what number on the list you are.

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