Monday, March 29, 2010

Sketches 1

I love sketches. In some ways I find them more interesting to look at than finished work. They give one a window into how an artist works. So, here are some of mine, starting with most recent, done today in about 20 minutes, the Joker, as a request from a friend.

"Andalusian Stallion" From my head one day, no reference. Hb Graphite. I can't remember how long.

"Joker" for a friend.

"Jack and the Goat" Micron Pen, Prismacolor markers, copic markers.

"Hatter" Micron pen, Primsacolor markers, copic markers.

"Excuse me?" HB pencil. Jack and Melody.

"Captain Jack" Micron pen, prismacolor markers, copic markers.

"After The Battle" Original character Ja'ack. Col-erase primsacolor pencils.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous, Anna! Love it! I hope you keep this up - the colors and textures and variances are beautiful!